Efficient Legal Guidance For IRS Tax Collection Matters

If the IRS has initiated a tax collection action against you, you are not alone. Many people and businesses find themselves the subject of tax liens, levies, seizures and garnishments after being unable to resolve a dispute with the IRS.

The IRS has stepped up enforcement and collections. An aggressive attorney who knows how the IRS works can make all the difference when responding to IRS tax collection actions.

The lawyers of Farrell, Hamilton & Julian, P.C., have been helping clients in Godfrey resolve IRS tax disputes for more than 50 years. We understand how to resolve tax problems, have liens, levies and garnishments removed, and put you back on track. Contact us for sophisticated legal representation during IRS tax collections at 618-208-0263.

Avenues Of Relief From IRS Tax Collection Actions

When you cannot pay your taxes, we will explore multiple avenues of relief with you, including:

  • Installment agreements: We can help you negotiate a monthly payment plan to satisfy your debt to the IRS. Based on a table that allows expenses for housing, utilities, food, transportation, health care and current taxes, we can determine what the IRS will want you to pay and what you can afford.
  • Offers in compromise: Based on your net equity, assets and your ability to pay, we can determine an amount to offer the IRS as a compromise on your taxes due.
  • Penalty abatement: If you can show good cause for your failure to file your taxes, failure to meet filing deadlines, late payment or nonpayment, we may be able to reduce or eliminate the fines or penalties.
  • Removal of tax liens, levies and garnishment: Liens, levies and garnishments are a serious problem. For example, liens and levies can force your business to close, making it impossible to pay. We can negotiate with the IRS to accept voluntary payments and resolve these issues.
  • Lien discharge or subordination: If the IRS has put a lien on your personal or business property and there is already a lien on that property from another source, we may be able to make the federal tax lien subordinate to it.
  • Bankruptcy: Income tax liabilities may be discharged through bankruptcy.

We have resolved numerous tax problems in bankruptcy. When we negotiate with the IRS on tax collections, we work directly with the IRS service center or revenue officer from your local IRS office on your behalf. We also provide full representation in IRS tax audits. If litigation is in your interest, we are highly experienced in tax litigation before the U.S. Tax Court and federal courts.

We Can Help Resolve Your Tax Disputes

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