Need A Real Estate Lawyer In Godfrey?

Real estate can prove to be an especially complex area of the law and many times necessitates the guidance of a seasoned real estate attorney. At Farrell, Hamilton & Julian, P.C., in Godfrey, Illinois, we have been representing clients involved in real estate transactions and disputes since 1965.

Experienced With Real Estate Transactions

Our job is to help ensure that the process of buying or selling real estate proceeds smoothly. We strongly believe that paying careful attention to all details of the transaction not only allows our clients to realize their vision, but also helps them avoid future legal problems after the final documents are signed. In the end, our focus is always on helping clients resolve their real estate matter in an altogether efficient and effective manner.

Preparing Real Estate Contracts And Documents

Our real estate law services also encompass the skillful drafting and review of contracts, deeds, real estate transfer declarations, easements, covenants and restrictions and other real estate documents. Our extensive knowledge of the law coupled with our exhaustive and thorough approach toward real estate contracts helps expedite real estate purchases and sales for both buyers and sellers alike.

Resolving Real Estate Disputes Through Mediation Or Litigation

We represent landlords, tenants and homeowners associations (HOA) with their respective legal issues and advocate for clients dealing with partition/easement disputes, subdivision covenants/restrictions and adverse possession matters. While we strive to negotiate a settlement in these matters, we will always prepare your case for trial. We believe that this thorough preparation keeps us ready for litigation and shows the opposing side that we are serious.

Let Us Effectively Guide You Through The Process

To obtain more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced real estate lawyer, please contact us online or call 618-208-0263.