The recently released Midwest Entrepreneur of the Year awards showed that our state has a wealth of world class entrepreneurs. The Midwest Entrepreneur of the Year awards looks for the most innovative and successful entrepreneurs throughout Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Of the 22 business leaders selected, 14 were from our state, over 60%.

The Recipients

Now in its 34th year, this year’s award looked for businesses that provided support to their employees and communities during these extremely hard times. Locals include, Tony Iannessa from BIG Construction, Maria Christopoulos Katris from Built In, James Mabie from Chicago Capital, Arnav Dalmia and Shivani Jain from Cubii, Raj Gupta from ESD, Ahmed Shaaban from Fulcrum Global Technologies, Justin Holland from HealthJoy, Kimberly Moore from KDM Engineering, PLLC, Matt Kunkel from LogicGate, Inc., Mihail Mihaylov from Montway Auto Transport, Jace Mouse from PerkSpot, Mike McTaggart from QuestFood Management Services, John Redmond from Redmond Construction Corp., and Greg Fenton from RedShelf.

These completive awards are judged by an independent panel of judges. The panel use six criteria to determine the winners. These include innovation, financial performance, overcoming adversity, talent management, and societal impact and commitment to building a values-based company.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurs require persistence, grit and ambition to succeed. But, while successfully navigating the complicated process of creating and then building a successful business requires an incredible amount of effort and work, it has created the wealthiest among us.

While these winners show that we are well on our way, now, more than ever, our country needs entrepreneurs, especially young entrepreneurs, to fuel our country’s comeback. Taking that first step to starting a business usually requires help, and an experienced business litigation attorney can help new entrepreneurs craft their new business to avoid litigation later-on down the road.