In the legal world, some Illinois cases are straightforward. Many times, the case may reach a resolution through negotiation or mediation. Unfortunately, not all cases are simple and reach a quick, amicable resolution. At Farrell, Hamilton & Julian, P.C., we handle a wide range of complex litigation cases that other attorneys are not equipped to take on.

What makes a case complex? According to the National Center for State Courts, complex litigation cases typically involve multiple parties and multiple attorneys. The rules and methods of court procedure in these cases may be complicated by aspects of the litigation, or the subject matter itself may be complex.

In any case, all attorneys involved must exchange information before the trial. This discovery process may include requesting certain facts from other attorneys in the case or gathering depositions from expert witnesses. The analysis of financial records is often a key to success in winning these types of cases. When the case is complex, this pretrial process can become extensive, producing copious amounts of paperwork and documentation.

You may be familiar with class action lawsuits. These complex litigation cases involve a plaintiff who represents a group of parties who have the same or similar claims as others who are not present at the case. This group, or class, is seeking damages from one or more defendants. Mass torts are another common type of complex litigation, as are stockholder disputes, lender liability and corporate buyouts. For more information about matters relating to complex litigation, please visit our webpage.