Planning for your life way down the road may initially seem like a daunting task. However, your efforts to be proactive about making arrangements for the years when you begin to age and may become incapacitated can save you a whole lot of stress in the future. At Farrell, Hamilton & Julian, P.C., we are experienced in helping people in Illinois articulate their desires in a well-written estate plan.

Any effort put into coordinating the details of your future should begin well before you identify an immediate need. An estate plan addresses several important areas of your life, including who you want to leave in charge of making medical decisions on your behalf and what type of decisions you want them to make in the case you become incapacitated. Other important areas include how you wish to have your assets distributed and how dependents should be cared for if you pass away while they are still in your care.

According to, taking the stress out of creating your estate plan can be assisted by communicating with your heirs. Keep them updated on the decisions you have made and discuss how these decisions will affect them. Identify a clear reason why an estate plan is important to you and use these reasons as a foundation for making decisions that will allow you to put together a plan that addresses your specific needs and desires.

When you understand the importance of having an estate plan and the value it could bring to your life, preparing your plan may seem less of a burden. For more information about planning for your future, visit our web page.