You have probably received something in the mail about a class action lawsuit in Illinois. These notices often tell you about a lawsuit filed on your behalf and on the behalf of every customer of a business that was wronged in some way by that company. You often have the option to opt out and not become part of the lawsuit. Should you opt out or should you join the class action lawsuit?

According to UnionPlus, you should understand what joining a class action lawsuit means. First, it is a group effort to sue a company for a perceived wrongdoing. You may or may not have been affected by the actions of the company. However, by joining the lawsuit and taking any settlement or damages from the resolution of the suit, you give up your rights to sue the company.

With that in mind, you should only consider joining a class action if you have not suffered severe damages due to the company’s actions. This is because in a class action case, you will likely not receive significant compensation from the settlement or order. Typically, you may only receive a small amount, which may not be enough to compensate you for what you are truly due.

On the other hand, if your damages were minimal, a class action lawsuit allows you to join others to let the company know it was wrong and to help make changes so this does not happen to others. You are standing up for what is right and holding a typically large company accountable for taking advantage of its customers. Plus, you may get something in return once the case settles or the judge renders a verdict. This information is for education and is not legal advice.