Over the years, the real estate industry in Illinois has ebbed and flowed like much of the other components of the economy. However, as of late, real estate all throughout the nation appears to be at an all-time high. Buyers and sellers are exploring new ways of advertising and purchasing properties, and the processes of both buying and selling are changing with the technological advances of today’s professionals. 

Recently, a new phenomenon, House Buyers of America, has been dubbed “The Amazon of Real Estate,” by many who are pleased with the efficiency of the home selling process compared with traditional methods. The company, with headquarters in Chantilly, Virginia, has revolutionized the process of selling property and aims to benefit the consumer rather than realtors and other professionals who generally assist in the process of buying and selling real estate. 

The idea is to eliminate much of the costs that come from hiring realtors, as well as protecting homeowners’ privacy by reducing the necessity to show properties and thus expose a homeowner’s personal space. Satisfied customers told of their experience with closing on their home before their neighbors who also had received a contract around the same time, because they used House Buyers instead of going the traditional route. 

If people are working on developing a real estate contract, they may wish to hire an attorney to help them along the way. A legal professional has the skills and experience to help clients navigate their way to a successful real estate contract that will provide optimal protection of their assets. 

Source: Yahoo! Finance, “House Buyers of America: The Amazon of Real Estate,” Sept. 20, 2018