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Business clients looking to establish a 501(c)(3) corporation or charitable organization have come to Farrell, Hamilton & Julian, P.C., located in Godfrey, Illinois, for help with nonprofit corporation formation since 1965. We handle all aspects of this type of business formation in order to ensure that everything is done in accordance with both state and federal tax laws.

Complexities of Nonprofit Corporate Formation

Nonprofit formation takes more than just filing a form for tax-exempt status, as various complex steps must be undertaken in order to complete your application. At Farrell, Hamilton & Julian, P.C., we carefully and skillfully oversee the entire process to help get your organization registered as a nonprofit company with the Attorney General's Office.

Our experience goes beyond the standard 501(c)(3) filings for churches and charitable organizations. We also assist lobbying and political organizations with filing for nonprofit status under 501(c)(4), as well as labor unions with filing under 501(c)(5), and business leagues/chambers of commerce with filing under 501(c)(6), among others.

Preparing a Budget and Other Documents for Nonprofit Formation

The process of nonprofit formation is complex and requires an attorney who is not only experienced with tax law, but who is also experienced in financial matters. For example, to apply for tax-exempt status, you must present a detailed budget documenting your costs and expenses, as well as your projected sources of income.

Many of the business law attorneys at our firm have accounting degrees or are certified public accountants (CPA). We feel that this extensive education makes them some of the most effective taxation counsel in the area. They are readily able to assist you with the creation of a budget for your nonprofit organization and most other financial matters related to nonprofit formation.

Representing You in Future Litigation

While nonprofit formation may shield you from taxes, it does not necessarily protect you from litigation. Therefore, our job does not end after you have acquired nonprofit status. Many of our nonprofit clients count on us for representation when they are facing litigation that may threaten the very existence of their company. We are proud to be advocates for these clients at either the mediation table or in the courtroom.

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