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Depending on the size of an estate, it may be necessary to file an estate tax return after the death of a loved one. Our goal is to help clients save time and money in the estate administration process.

At the law firm of Farrell, Hamilton & Julian, P.C., we help clients in Illinois and Missouri prepare federal and state estate tax returns. The process of filing an estate tax return is multi-step and document-heavy. Our firm is comprised of experienced tax attorneys who understand the complicated nature of the estate administration process. We can explain the requirements and help you complete your estate tax return in a timely and efficient manner.

We assist clients in completing both state tax returns and federal tax returns. If a federal tax return is required, it is almost always necessary to file a state tax return as well. However, it is not always necessary to complete a federal tax return if only a state tax return is required. We can help to determine what filing is necessary, and also to determine what information is needed to complete the filing.

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